Life Update

What's been going on in my life? Well, here goes:
Ute Soccer has been consuming a lot of my time. Nearly 5 days of the week find me doing something related to soccer. That's wonderful, but it gets rather difficult when you are working 20-30 hours (a lot better than the 60+ at The Chronicle last semester) and going to school full-time. We're doing well, our record is 5-1-2, with our first NIRSA (college league) loss coming last saturday in a torrential downpour. We have the regional tournament at Weber State this year on October 23-25, so you should all come watch (my little bro. is playing for WSU, so it'll be fun to watch).
I'm working for Instructional Media Services at the University, which makes my days a little long--I'm at the school from early in the morning to late at night. That's all right, because I don't have to drive a lot. Works fine, although I'm getting ready to start a business with some pals of mine. If anybody needs video or photo work for anything, let me know!
School's fine, I'm debating on dropping my Physics major to a minor to finish school quicker. It's a difficult decision, but I've been really antsy to move on with my future plans, but I don't want to compromise my schooling. My current answer is to finish school quicker, but we'll see. Film is going quite well, and I plan on shooting my 16mm project next week. It's a seriously themed film noir spoof, so it should be fun.
I think I'm going to list my GTI on craigslist...I'm not too anxious to sell it, but I don't drive it, so I feel stupid just having it sit in my driveway as I'm paying for it and insurance. Pobre GTI.
Anyway, that's my status update. Now that you're all up to date, I'll be able to update everyone more easily.


  1. I am so disappointed...I'll be in Portland the weekend you and Curtis play against each other. That will most likely never occur again. :(

  2. Let me know a game time... I'd love to come watch :-)