The Exciting Life of a Filmmaker

So, our first night of filming went rather smooth, if not a little long. I say "rather" smooth, because, well, we only really had one incident. Only one.
I guess I should mention that that one incident not only ate about an hour's time from our schedule, but it also involved loud noises, flashing lights, and, of course, the fire department. Haha. Yeah...
So, we were just getting started on our second major scene, hoping to finish quickly since we were already an hour past our expected ending time, when, all of the sudden, the fire alarm goes off.

Brilliant! Apparently our smoke machine wasn't playing too friendly with all of the ventilation, and it decided to notify the entire flipping WORLD that it felt that way. When the alarm first went off, I freaked out and ran downstairs to try and find the fire panel. I found it easy enough, but I didn't know the code to disarm it. I called poor Brady and informed him of what was going on, but he didn't know the building's code. I fretted about, wandered outside, discussing my options with Brady. As I wandered so, I decided that if I was ever going to crack a combination code, tonight was going to be the night. After all, most codes are four digits (a fairly moderate risk for thinking this way), and that means there are only 10 * 10 * 10 * 10 number of possible codes. Repeat: 10^4, or 10000 possibilities.
I figure with the industry I'm trying to break into, those are pretty good odds, but they certainly are formidable. I walked in, talking with Brady on the phone, and decided to start with the first one that came to mind: 1234.
Voila! Alarm disarmed. How about that? I really didn't know what to think, either I was just really good at this, or some person was very idiotic when it came to securing his fire system. Regardless, I was quite grateful, for once, of a person's idiocy...or my brilliance, I suppose. I was just plain grateful.

We finished the shoot at about 2:15am, just in time for almost all of us to go home just to get back up for work early this morning.
Tonight should be a much better experience, since we've got only a few shots left to film. I must say, though, that these are the experiences that once you are finished with, you appreciate them so much more.
Here's to even more happy times!

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  1. You set off the fire alarm?! Ha ha classic... I love it :-)