An interesting look at typography

As Art Director and Designer for The Daily Utah Chronicle, I became enthralled with typography. It's amazing what it does to any design, but even more amazing that a lot of designers totally screw up their designs with poor type choice.
I don't claim to be the best typographist, in fact, I know I'm not, but this was an interesting look at someone who does this for a living. He's commenting on the HBO series "Mad Men," which is supposed to be an awesome period show about an advertising agency in the 60s. He goes into the general typography of the show, what is plausible and what just couldn't have been in the 60s. Take a gander, it's an interesting read.
If you want to test your skills at typography identification, here's a few quizzes: simple typography quiz, a little more difficult one.
Hats off to kottke.org for the Mad Men link.


  1. So what's your high score? Mine was 21 after 1 go.

  2. i got a 27 or 28 the first time i took it, and i haven't taken it for a while