It's done.

So...after sporting long hair for nearly a year, I decided that it was time to pull a doozy over everyone's head (does that even make sense?). That's right people, I cut my hair. Now all of you who don't do anything but talk about my hair can go back to being...even more lazy. Or something.
I always have reasons for the things I do, so I decided it was time to go for a different look and save myself the time in the morning. How short is it, you ask? Well, listen up.
I went to my hair-stylist, Randee, and told her that I was ready to try a completely different style. We discussed it a bit, and I told her that I wanted something short, but not necessarily too conservative, but something that, if necessary, I could style conservatively. As we got going, we fashioned a style that I'm still getting used to, but that I'm really liking.
Pictures you ask? Well, I suppose I could take a few and post them online, but I'm not really into taking pictures of myself. Oh wait. Yeah, I am. Pics will be uploaded shortly.


  1. i have a right to see pictures of my brother's hair less than two hours after he tells me he cut it.

  2. Way to be brave and cut it! I think you look great both ways, so I;m sure you'll be sportin' the new do no prob!